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 Welcome to Cora Mendez' Electronic Portfolio




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My name is Cora Mendez.  I am a teacher at Sullivan Elementary in San Benito.  I have been teaching first grade for 11 years now.  I enjoy working with children.  I'm excited about going back to further my education.  Science, math and technology and areas that education is always striving to improve upon, so the Masters of Education in Educational Technology is an excellent way to enrich my knowledge in these areas.



My e-portfolio has served as an interactive area  to create and collaborate with instructors and colleges as I pursed my Master in Educational Technology.  As a participant of the MSTTPA Go! Program my e-portfolio compiled all projects and team assignments that can be used in the present and future technology integrated projects.


E-Portfolio's Purpose

The purpose of my e-portfolio is to document all tasks and assignments completed during the coursework for the M.Ed. Educational Technology degree. This e-portfolio is a representation of my growth during the program as I worked my way through the competitive course work. My journey to become an Educational Technology professional has allowed me to develop the comprehensive skills chronicled in this wiki. 


E-Portfolio's Organization

The e-portfolio's organization allows the user to navigate through the pages to view all relevant products in this program. These pages include project details, competencies learned and documentation of leadership skills required by the educational technology program. Links to all the main pages are provided in the menu bar at the top of each page. The links below also link to the main pages of this e-portfolio.



Navigating the E-Portfolio

A web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari will allow you to view the e-portfolio. Individual projects may require Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Reader, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, or Flash Player. Each page of the e-portfolio is accessible through links located at the top of each page. Featured projects, as well as their artifact reports are accessible through links on the “Matrix" page. Information and projects for each course completed during my time in the program can be accessed through links on the “Courses Taken” page.

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